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Consumer Overdraft Fees: Study by The CFPB Reveals Horrors

Banks and credit unions LOVE overdraft fees. Roughly 40% of the largest banks earn the majority of their profuits from NSF fees. For credit unions, it’s closer to 60%.

The CFPB produced a study of this topic. CFPB

A regulatory change that became effective in 2010 requires that you first have to opt in to a bank’s overdraft service before it can charge you an overdraft fee on a debit card purchase or ATM withdrawal. If a consumer doesn’t opt in to the service, which costs nothing until it kicks into action, their transaction can simply be refused because they don’t have enough money in the account.

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Checking account consumers who paid 10 plus overdraft or nonsufficient fund (NSF) fees a year and opted into a bank’s overdraft/NSF checking account service paid as $450 more in bank/credit union fees than those consumers who acted the same but did not sign up for NSF/overdraft coverage. “Those consumers made up 9 percent of the 40 million accounts the CFPB studied at a small number of large banks, and they paid 79 percent of the banks’ total overdraft and NSF fees.”

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