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Who Am I?

To beat the enemy you have to know your enemy. Suntzu “The Art of War”

A Payday Loan Industry Insider

I work for a few of the largest payday loan companies in the world. I’ve tried every trick in the book to collect money from payday loan borrowers.

I’ve been trained well. I’ve attended more than 50 collections workshops conducted by the best collectors in the payday loan space.

I’ve been attending payday loan industry conventions (OLA, FISCA, CFSA and state associations) for 6 years.

I’ve collected over $5M in PDL bad debt. That’s approximately 8000 defaulted payday loans. Remember! When I call, text, or email you, DO NOT TRUST ME. I am not your friend no matter what I say. I will lie to you. I will make a note about everything you tell me. If you mention that your cat “Puffy” is ill, I will make a note of it. And be certain, the next time we talk, I will ask you how “Puffy” is doing.

I do not care how “Puffy” is doing. I just want my money. I want to keep my job and make my commission. I wrote this book to make MONEY!

They call me the “Anonymous Payday Loan Insider” because I’ve worked with three payday loan internet lenders and one very large payday loan store chain as a “collector.” My job is to get money out of you any way I can. I’ve been highly trained to accomplish this goal. I’ve participated in hundreds of hours of training seminars and role playing meetings while expert collectors in payday loan, installment, credit card and debt settlement industries trained me to get your money!

I learned memorized “scripts” for ANY response you offered me to explain why “you can’t pay me today.” I am trained to berate you, threaten you, embarrass you, lie to you, make you cry, chastise you… anything to get my money, keep my job and earn my “spiff” – bonus  money – for the month.

This book shares all the knowledge and tactics I’ve learned over the past 8 years as a payday loan collector. What follows are the methods I’m trained to use to manipulate you – a payday loan borrower.

Each tactic I share reveals the recurring theme of a payday loan collector: to get money from you – get money from you any way I can and get it now while I have you on the phone. Say whatever must be said to get you to pay something to me today – now!

Each tactic demonstrates what you, a payday loan borrower under a mountain of debt, can do to exploit the plight of the collector and how you can use this knowledge to reduce or eliminate your payday loan debt.

I explain step-by-step how you can take advantage of the collector’s weaknesses and exploit them for your own benefit.

I show you how to use every trick to put-off a payday loan debt collector, steal every second of their precious time, and eliminate or reduce the money you owe.

This is the first time that these “tactics” have been revealed to the 40 million U.S. payday loan borrowers that make use of these “short-term,” small dollar loans. I’m speaking to you straight about what I personally know from experience collecting money from payday loan debtors like you every day for the past 8 years.

Why? Why do I do this? Why, for the money of course. I do it to sell books and continue with speaking engagements. Selling books and speaking is a whole lot more fun than sitting on the other side of a phone while listening to you cry and make every excuse to NOT PAY ME !

Now, you know why I’m doing this. The bigger question is what will you do with this new knowledge? Do you need help with your payday loans?

2 thoughts on “Payday Loan Help

  1. Good strategies! THANK YOU so much for helping me. I didn’t think I would ever get out of payday loan hell.

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