Payday Loan Help: Get Out of Your Payday Loan

How to get out of your payday loans
Payday Loan Help & Relief

By: Royal Paine. I’ve been a payday loan collector and part-time author for 10+ years. I collect money. It takes a special personality to avoid taking the screaming, name calling, personal diatribes… to heart. In most cases, the borrower on the other end of the phone legitimately borrowed money from my boss. My employer does not trick people; although it’s fair to say, many of our payday loan competitors do.

After speaking with thousands of debtors I’ve come to the realization that today, consumers must finance basic household expenses with payday loan, car title loans, installment… you name it. Food, rent, gas, prescriptions have to be paid and the average consumer just doesn’t make enough money any┬álonger to pay the bills.

This is just a sad fact of American life.

Small dollar loan providers don’t have to pick the bones of poor, downtrodden borrowers. Rather, borrowers seek out these loans. After years of refinancing their home, failing to get cost of living and wage increases, having their work-week hours reduced, student debt payments kicking in and all the other realities of reduced household income, there is only one answer left. Debt! Any way they can borrow money to put food on the table and a roof over their head.

Why do so many payday loan and car title lenders exist? Because there is HUGE demand for their products! Do you see buggy whip manufacturers at your local strip mall? No! Why? No one needs a buggy whip!

I’m Royal Paine. Do you have too many payday loans? Are you in “payday loan hell?” Get help with your payday loans. Get my book!

4 thoughts on “Payday Loan Help: Get Out of Your Payday Loan

  1. Thank you for what you’re doing! I’m down to paying off one payday loan from my local store. The internet lenders, as you taught me, were illegal :-)

  2. Royal,

    Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s palatable. Are you morally corrupt? Payday loan biz? Must admit to you, I’ve had a few. Hate them but need them now and then.


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