I’m a Payday Loan Collector-Tactics

I work for a payday loan company. I am trained to FOCUS on collecting money from you NO MATTER HOW BROKE YOU ARE. I’m taught new payday loan collector tactics weekly.

If you are 14 days past due, I MUST contact you 72 times in those 14 days you’re late. This includes calls to your home, work, your alternate contact numbers, your cell phone and any other phone numbers you gave me on your original payday loan application.

This “72” does not include calls I make to the reference numbers of your friends and family that you listed on your original application.  My employer considers these “extra attempts.

I’m trained to make your life HELL! And I will… if you let me.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Payday Loan Collector-Tactics

    1. Nope. If you’re a borrower, pay back the principal + some fees.

      If you’re a lender, you deserve your $$ back.

      If you’re a loan collector, you deserve to make a living.

      Royal Paine

  1. Man, I’ve been here. I had 4 payday loan companies calling me daily. Your book educated me! Your reference took me to my state regulator website where I learned my attorney general forced 3 of them into settlements. I actually received a refund that I used to pay off the remaining payday loan! I still kept $130.57

    Thank You!

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