How to Screw Your Payday Loan Lender


How to get out of your payday loans
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My book, “How to Screw Your Payday Loan Lender” will teach you how to get out of your payday loans, or at a minimum, stop the fees piling on and reduce the loan principal you owe. Actually, if you’re like the majority of folks, you have multiple payday loans with multiple lenders.  You certainly shouldn’t feel like the “Lone Ranger.” As a matter of fact, one in five Americans are being pursued by debt collectors as you read this.

Now, if you find this offensive, put this book back on the rack or delete it from your iPad, your Kindle, your whatever! If you view this transaction as having taken advantage of some poor, disadvantaged, down on their luck payday loan company you should pay them back their money. On the other hand, if you view this for what it is, a simple trade of your dollars to a loan shark, read on.

You must understand that the success of a Payday loan company is based on how well they are able to collect on their bad debt. They will use every tactic possible – legal or illegal – to get their money back from you. They will say, or do, anything to get their money.

This book is a living document: meaning it became obsolete the moment I wrote it. Payday loan laws, regulations, licensing, collection practices, etc. change everyday somewhere on this planet.  It’s your job to “to the work” and research the state/province you reside in to determine your best course of action.

Not all of my “Tactics” will be appropriate for your specific situation.  However, if you’ll plow through my book, use some common sense and IMPLEMENT one or more of my ideas, YOU WILL SAVE SOME SERIOUS MONEY.

Know that you’re not alone. Roughly 14 million borrowers got a payday loan last year just in the USA. Since the early 1900’s borrowers have been paying 10% – 20% per month for “salary loans.” The payday loan industry is not new.

Finally, if you’re a payday loan lender or working in some payday loan collections cubicle as an employee trying to make your monthly bonus, READ MY BOOK! I guarantee you’ll make a lot more money. Consider my book an investment in your career!

13 thoughts on “How to Screw Your Payday Loan Lender

  1. I have multiple payday loans from stores in Florida. I think lenders can only give consumers one Florida loan. Is this true?

    1. Martin, keep in mind; if you borrowed the $$ you should pay back the principal. If your lenders abused you by auto extending your loans and rolled over the fees multiple times, that’s a different story.

      Royal Paine

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