Debt Collectors Calling You? How to…

Are debt collectors hounding you? Calling your home? Your cell phone? Your work? Are they calling your family members and friends? You can put a stop to this and to the stress it’s causing you.

Collectors are trained to beat you to a pulp. I/ve been a collector for years. It’s a job. And Ive been well trained to coolect money from you; even if you don’t really owe the money. Even if my employer paid 2 cents on the dollar for some old debt of yours that your original lender wrote off years ago.

Maybe you had a few payday loans. You might have borrowed $300 from a couple of payday lenders. They ACH’d the $75 fees from your bank account for a while. Then, you lost your job, or needed to fix the car… whatever.

Eventually, you closed your bank account. And you forgot about it. Suddenly, your phone is ringing, messages to call the collector are left with your mom, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your new employer is discovered and the stress begins again.

What happened? My boss bought your $1200 bad debt for $24.00 And you foolishly applied for another loan or managed to get a secured credit card, or maybe you tried to buy something somewhere on credit. Anyway, you’re back in the system and you’ve been found out!

What to do? Start here: Don’t Payback Your Loan

5 thoughts on “Debt Collectors Calling You? How to…

  1. Seems like interesting stuff. I do admire how catchy this is. It really builds the interest. There a lot of people struggling financially and getting guides like this is really helpful.

    1. Great point, Martin! Just about everything is available on the Internet. What’s your time worth? How good is the information. I guarantee clients who buy my book with my 100% guaranteed refund policy. No one has asked for it yet after 100’s of sales.

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