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Collectors Hassling You Daily? Payday Loan Help

Be Rude if You Must!

By:  Royal Paine.  Author of “18 Ways to Kiss Your Payday Loan Lender Goodbye.”

“You owe me money and the police are on their way to your workplace!”

“I’m tired of your excuses! You must pay me now or I will talk to your employer.”

“Pay me today or I will post on Facebook to all your friends and family that you are a loser.”

You need some help with all the payday loans you have. Are these loans legal? Is the so-called payday loan collector barraging you for money on a daily basis legitimate?

Sure, you MAY honestly owe the money BUT debt collectors cannot legally speak to you this way OR threaten you with arrest. You are respectful and polite – even to those you owe money too. You find it hard to “just hang-up” the phone.

But, sometimes that’s all you should do! Don’t waste a minute of your time with these parasites!


  1. They request you send them money immediately. NEVER follow their instructions to rush down to your local Green Dot, Western Union, Walmart, MoneyGram or whatever to wire money or purchase a debit card.
  2. If the “collector” claims to be a government agency, “Google” the name of this “agency” and call them yourself. Co not trust any phone number they provide you with.
  3. They ask for your credit card  number, your bank account routing and account number, your social security number… A “real” collector usually has all this information already; if you truly owe them money.
  4. They will keep you on the phone, continually ask you questions – leading you to reveal personal info. Do not tell them your cat is sick, your daughter Joan is at school, you have a doctor’s appointment… NOTHING!
  5. They threaten you with jail, arrest, bodily harm, Facebook posts… These actions are illegal.

Need more help? Invest in my book, “18 Ways to Kiss Your Payday Loan Lender Goodbye” on Amazon. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Royal Paine: I know! I’ve been a debt collector for 10+ years.

For more on this topic, visit They have some pamphlets on scams.